Best Casino Books

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To expand your knowledge of gambling as well as the casinos themselves, it may be helpful to read a few books on the subject. Luckily, there are plenty to choose from and enjoy. Here are 6 of the best gambling books you can read to get started.

List of the best selection of books

  1. Demolition of a house

You may have heard of the MIT students who won millions at Las Vegas casinos. We are talking about 10 million dollars. Well, if you want to know more about this story, you can read House Collapse. This is an interesting book written by Ben Mezrich and you can find out all the facts about how they got to fame and fortune.

  1. Gambling for Life: Harry Findlay

Harry Findlay has been called the modern day player and wants to share how he won over $22 million. Although you are not promised to win millions like him, you can learn from his knowledge and also get a better understanding of gambling. This is definitely an interesting book for anyone who loves to play online casinos.

  1. Footballomics

Are you a sports betting enthusiast? This is for you. Soccernomics is written by Simon Cooper and focuses on his strategy during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It tells how he managed to win and what tricks he used. This is something you can learn from and perhaps incorporate some strategies into your gambling today.

  1. The biggest bluff

Next on our list is “The Biggest Bluff” by Maria Konnikova. This is something that many poker players will enjoy. This gets into the player’s psyche, which can give you tips on how you can improve your game and read people better. Konnikova is a psychologist and this can be an interesting read if you want to learn more about human behavior and how it relates to poker.

  1. “Beat the Dealer” by Edward O. Thorp

This classic book on casino gambling is as relevant today as it was in the 1960s when it was first published. Thorp’s main focus is card counting, which can give you a significant edge over the casino in certain games. He also covers other topics such as money management and how to recognize hand gestures in poker.

  1. “Gambler’s Guide to Winning” by Frank Scoblet

This book contains useful information for any casino player. Scoblete covers a wide range of topics, from choosing the right games to learning about the psychology of gambling. It also includes a helpful glossary of gambling terms.

Why is it recommended reading?

If you read books about casinos and gambling, you will learn about the strategies used by professional gamblers. You will also learn about the mathematical principles behind casino games. This knowledge can help you make better gambling decisions. However, it is important to remember that reading about gambling does not guarantee success. Gambling is a risky business and you should always be prepared to lose money. books about casinos and gambling may give you an edge, but they cannot guarantee success. books about casinos and gambling can be a useful tool, but not a panacea. Gambling is a risky business and you should always be prepared to lose money.